Who Would You Be if Fear Didn’t Exist?

For a long time, I’ve wondered what the world would look like with less fear in it. What would happen if every person was equipped with more love, courage and freedom?

One of the questions that has guided me into my truth again and again has been:

What if fear didn’t exist?

If I felt no fear of negative consequences, what action would I take right now? Who would I be? More importantly, how would I feel?

Some might say that this is foolish and impossible. And I agree. This is 100% delusional.

You can’t make fear go away and nor should you. Fear is a necessary function of our human biology. However, what these smart people don’t know is that fear is also completely delusional.

Danger is real. Fear is imaginary.

Your fear is protecting you from something that hasn’t even happened yet. Does that sound irrational to you? Because it is.

Something might have happened to you in the past but even that’s not real anymore. It’s not happening right here, right now.

Any stress, worry or doubt outside of this present moment is laced with fear. What will go wrong? What if I get disappointed? What if I get hurt again?

All of these are valid concerns and completely normal, but also completely delusional because none of them have actually happened.

So I ask you again, what if fear didn’t exist?

I encourage you to really ponder on this question today. Give yourself some space to breathe and see what comes from a simple reflection.

A little heads up: On occasion, this question might activate someone’s fight or flight aka fear response. This happens because you are addicted to the stress, drama and suffering of life. Without fear, there is nothing to draw your attention away from the present moment. And without that, the ego has nothing to thrive on (which feels scary).

Fear does a REALLY good job of convincing you bad things are going to happen. Are they real? Have they happened yet?

No, and now you know that there’s nothing to actually be afraid of. Feeling nervousness or anxiety is always going to be there but you don’t have to act on it. That’s not where you have to make decisions from.

You can envision a beautiful future that also hasn’t happened and is equally unrealistic as a fearful one. The question is… What reality do you want to live in? What world do you want to be creating? Whatever you focus your energy on is more likely to become real.

We’re all delusional, living on a narrative created in our own minds. What do you want your story to be?

Now is the time to create a life beyond your fear. You don’t have to be living in a perpetual state of stress and anxiety.

I’ve spent this entire lifetime doing what I’m afraid to do. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It has paid off enormously beyond what I could even dream of. The love, joy and success I’m experiencing is a direct result of leaning into my fear.

If you’re ready to feel free, I’ve created a one-of-a-kind course called Fear Alchemy that will guide you through your fear and limiting beliefs.

Fear Alchemy is much more than a course. It's an immersive experience taking you on a self-guided journey to discover and dissolve your fear. It is an intuitive blueprint and roadmap that will direct you exactly where you need to go by following your inner compass.

Fear Alchemy is a simple, yet profound method to free yourself from fear, again and again. You are receiving tangible tools to use in your everyday life. You will finally understand your fear, where it comes from and what to do with it, resulting in you feeling more free in all areas of life. You will realize that you are your own healer and expert.

The course goes live on May 12th but pre-sales are open now. You get a 20% discount when you sign up before 5/12.

Use the discount code BEYONDFEAR20 and begin your journey to freedom!

You'll also get immediate access to the Inner Circle membership, which is a big bonus. AND there are Q&A calls when the course goes live, so you can get extra help if you need it.

All the love,

Ben Harris

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