There Are 3 Ways We Deal With Fear

By Ben Harris


Let's take a look into the 3 ways we humans tend to deal with fear.

1 - We Avoid it

The most common way that people deal with their fear is by avoiding it. It’s completely normal and understandable since the very nature of fear tells you to run and hide from it.

What you might not know is this…

When you make an attempt to bypass your fear, you create the exact circumstance you are trying to avoid.

For example, if you are afraid of failure, you won’t take the necessary risk to succeed. This means that you fail yourself first before you even make an attempt. If you never try, you have already failed.



2 - We Force it

The second most common way that people deal with their fear is through force. They do it in the name of pride and bravery.

This is a good start but ultimately it still comes from a fearful place. If you’re always forcing yourself through it, you’re never addressing what you’re really afraid of.

You are still avoiding the fear, but it feels productive, so in a deceptive way you are still bypassing your fear.


3 - We Transform it

 The most unpopular way of dealing with fear is by identifying the root cause, then alchemizing it.

Why a lot of people don’t do this is because it feels uncomfortable. It feels scary! Why would you address your fear when it’s easier to avoid it?

 If you don’t address the root issue, it’s just like a weed that keeps growing back. You can force yourself through it but it’s never enough. The same problems will continue to arise. What you resist persists.

 Once you get to the root of your fear, that gives you the opportunity to be free from it. You can now access your truth without the distortion of fear.



“Fear is afraid of itself, which ensures that it never accepts itself, which ensures that it always survives.”   ~ Richard Rudd,  Author of The Gene Keys.

This is why fear is so powerfully debilitating. You can’t even see it but you know it’s there. 

The process of Fear Alchemy is to make fear LESS afraid of itself, to the point that you’re going to LOVE your fear in the end. With commitment you can manifest that LOVE.

I highly recommend that you take our Fear Alchemy quiz to find out which fear is currently creating blocks in your life. The first step to freedom is knowing which fear you are dealing with! 

Your Fear Alchemist, 

Ben Harris 


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The freedom and love you seek is on the other side of your fear.

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