Recognising the Fear of the Unknown

By Ben Harris


You’ve probably heard people say, “If you don’t like something, change it.” While that might be intended to be helpful, it’s not that simple… especially when change is one of your deepest fears.

Do you find yourself worrying or stressing about the future?

This is likely due to a fear of the unknown.


"Freedom is not something created, it is the end result of removing all that restricts, binds and controls you." ~ Paul Dobree-Carey


Here’s how the fear of the unknown, risk or change  might show up in your life:

  • You tend to lead a “safe” life, following the script that your parents or society deems as acceptable.
  • You avoid making decisions, especially if there’s no black or white outcome.
  • You find yourself overthinking about the future often.
  • You feel like you don’t deserve good things that come from change.
  • You find it challenging or extremely uncomfortable to get outside of your comfort zone, even if it’s just a slight change of routine.


Where does it come from?

This fear stems from a deep desire for predictability and routine - sometimes because you didn’t have that during a portion of or most of your life. 

You might’ve moved all the time as a kid (like having a military or jumping around in foster homes), or you could have witnessed your parents jump into a business endeavor that didn’t work out. Or the opposite could be true where you weren’t “allowed” to venture out and experience the world - as is sometimes the case with overprotective caretakers. 

Regardless of where your fear of the unknown, risk and change originated, this fear doesn’t define you. You can understand it, reframe it and be free of it!


 What if it was possible to…

  • Take risks with confidence.
  • Let go of control and trust the outcome.
  • Make decisions with ease and clarity.

These are the possibilities available to you on the other side of your fear. Are you ready to feel free?


What to do next 

You might not even know that what you’re feeling is fear. But you know that something isn’t working or right in your life. The first step is to lean into that which feels off or that you can identify as fear. The next step is to understand it. What exactly are you afraid of and where do you think it originated? From there, you must reframe and rewire your thinking.


With a heart of courage,

Ben Harris


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Always remember that you are your own healer and expert. All of the answers you are searching for are already inside of you -- you just need the tools to utilize fear in order to get directly to the core of the issue, giving you the opportunity to be free from it. 


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