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The Härt Collective Community is Growing! 

If you haven’t heard the exciting news yet, we’ve continued to expand on our vision at The Härt Collective. This includes bringing on a couple more key pieces to our internal team and joining forces with one of the most incredible dudes I’ve ever met, our new co-founder Ben Harris, also known as The Fear Guy. 
Ben has spent the last few years of his life on a journey to understand FEAR. He’s worked with countless clients, groups and organizations studying the effects of fear and how it shows up to protect us. Over that time, he’s developed a framework to identify, re-frame and alchemize fear in so many of his clients lives. Including mine! And now, he’s ready to bring it to the world in a big way! 
I’m so excited to share more about this partnership with you over the coming months and how it came to be. We actually just got done recording a podcast that breaks down the incredible journey we’ve both been on, why we decided to join forces, the challenges that come with building a new business partnership and much more about our vision to create a more beautiful world. If you’re interested in hearing more juicy details about the process then make sure you subscribe to Quantum Coffee so you don’t miss the upcoming episode with Ben! Listen Now.
Why is this so exciting? 
Because we are building a foundation for something seriously special. 
Over the last couple of years, has it been challenging for you to figure out how to navigate these tumultuous times we live in? I know it’s been very challenging for me in a wide variety of ways. But one of the most powerful tools to navigate the unknown and something that I’ve continue to lean on every single day is my COMMUNITY! 
When I look out into the world, it feels like it’s crumbling in more ways than one. The financial markets are volatile, the social unrest is getting increasingly worse, the confusion, uncertainty and divisive society we live in continues to feed on the negativity, fear and judgement that, at times, feels like too much to handle. But as I see these problems continuing to increase, my community continues to grow and get stronger. I feel safer. I feel more secure. And because of the incredible people in my life, I’m confident about the journey ahead.
Because I know I don’t have to do it alone! And that is the most important thing I think any of us can ask for. To know that no matter what we are going through, we have people that are there to support us, to build us up, to inspire us, and, when we are feeling the weight of the world at our back, there are others to share the load. 
This is the power of community. And I’m so excited to share it with all of you! 
We have big things in the works, providing more than just a safe space for you to feel seen, heard, loved and held, we’re also offering an incredible amount of resources and content to help you expand and embody your highest potential. One of the most exciting things coming up very soon is the introduction of Fear Alchemy
Ben Harris has put together the framework for inner transformation in a way that’s never been done before. Fear Alchemy is a simple, yet profound method to free yourself from fear, again and again. You receive tangible and practical tools to use in your everyday life to finally get to understand your fear, where it comes from and what to do with it. Empowering you to be your own healer and expert. 
This is so much more than a course. It’s a Self-guided journey. Essentially, Fear Alchemy is like a roadmap for your intuition to guide you to discover and dissolve your fear. Most people don’t know what they are feeling, is fear, but they know that something isn’t working. They know something is blocking them but so often can’t identify what the block is.” - Ben Harris
The Fear Alchemy journey provides so much more than just information, it's a combination of theory AND application giving you the questions, tools and support to navigate your own inner landscape so that, when you’re ready, you can live with a felt sense of peace, fulfillment and purpose!
Once I understood that fear is not my enemy but my ally, allowing it to show me and guide me into where I’m not free, following the resistance I feel into the deeper parts of my being, this has been the most transformative reprogramming of my entire life. 
Fear as an ally? Yes! And, soon, you’ll be able to find out how to become your own Fear Alchemist! 
By joining The Härt Collective, you’ll get exclusive access to the upcoming release, discounts and other perks before anyone else! 
The community is growing and ready to welcome you in with open arms! We’re so excited about the opportunity that lies ahead. Will it be filled with difficulties, challenges and uncertainty? Of course it will, any journey into the unknown is, but, with a loving community surrounding you, what an exciting adventure it will be! 
Learn a little more about Ben as Joe sits down with him to discuss Fear on the About Us page!
I’ll see you inside the Inner Circle! 
With love and gratitude, 
Joe Hawley, Founder 
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