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How often do you use social media?

How much of your day is spent mindlessly scrolling?

Do you feel more expanded or drained?

Do you feel more connected to those in your life or like you’re missing out?

How often do you feel lost in the abyss, a slave to the algorithms?

Social media like instagram, facebook and tik tok are specifically designed to keep you glued to your phone, to keep your mind busy, to steal your attention..

Have you ever wondered why these apps are free?

Maybe it’s because you are the product..

I’ve gone on my own journey using social media and I understand the value that it’s brought to my life and many others like me. I was able to live the life so many young people in our culture today aspire too, that of an “influencer.” Traveling the country living the “VanLife” for almost two years, I shared my journey on my blog called “Man Van Dog Blog,” where I used social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to share the adventure with my followers. And I’m incredibly grateful for that experience and what it provided me. I was able to connect with so many incredible people, meet up with complete strangers in unknown places which led to some of the most magical adventures I could have ever imagined. I was able to build a following by engaging with others who were inspired by my journey and to be honest it felt good, in fact, it felt great, and the best part of it all was that it inspired me to feel deeper into my real purpose in this life. I wanted to continue inspiring others, to influence real change, and I realized that living in a van, building a larger following on instagram, was not my higher calling.   

The issue I began to face while out on the road building a following on social media was that in order to create the amount of content it took to stay above the algorithms and the amount I had to be active and engage with the people. It just took too much energy and began to take its toll. I became worn out, exhausted and began to question if this is really how I wanted to be spending my time and energy.

While on the road, I’d find myself spending the majority of my time thinking about the next piece of content I was going to create, editing that next video for YouTube or writing out that perfect caption on instagram. All of it took time and, more importantly, it took me away from what I really wanted - to experience a freedom I hadn’t yet tasted. Yes, living on the road provided me with an incredible amount of lessons, growth and experiences that impacted my life in profound ways but it also taught me about what was my most important commodity, my time and energy. And I wanted to make sure I was spending all of that time and energy in the ways that would fill my soul, deepen my connection to others and inspire real change in a world desperate for it. But what that thing was going to be, I had no idea at the time, all I knew was that  I needed to move towards it.. towards the fear.

I could go on about the challenges I’ve faced during my time transitioning away from instagram, what it was like to let go of yet another identity (replacing my identity as a football player to a VanLife “influencer”) and slowly letting go of the daily validation I received from likes, comments and DMs. It was extremely difficult and took a couple years but I’ve finally been able to feel the freedom from it’s tyrannical pull. Maybe it’s because I cut my beard off but sharing all of that would just take too much time and so I’ll wait for another opportunity to share the details. What I want to share with you today is what this journey has led me towards and what I’ve finally come to realize as my deeper purpose and mission in life.

To cultivate a real, transformational, supportive, expansive, committed community ready to build a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible!

Our world is going through a radical shift.. Can you feel it?

If you do, then you are probably becoming increasingly aware of the subtle ways we are being stripped of our sovereignty, power and dignity through tactics like fear mongering, judgement, isolation and division. These are incredibly powerful tactics that lower our energetic states into a fight/flight response, activating our nervous system which decreases our ability to think critically, connect intimately and come together, even if we may disagree.

The time for the lone wolf is over. The powers that be are doing everything in their power to keep us separate; from coming together, from knowing who and what we really are - divine beings who are all created equal, uniquely powerful and have the right to live freely in God’s beautiful creation.

I believe the way we must come together now, more than ever, is through community. We must build strong, vibrant, healthy communities with the intention to cultivate such a strong, loving energy that we shine a light so bright it can foster real meaningful change in the world.

The community that I’m being called to foster is called The Härt Collective. It’s purpose is to foster deeper connections, expand existing networks, facilitate healing, growth and connection for all of you who are ready to answer the call deep within your soul. To confront your fears and alchemize them into the fuel that drives you forward.

This is more than a community, it is a MOVEMENT!

So this is my clarion call, my rallying cry, my call to action -

Are you ready to embody the courage it’s going to take to build a more beautiful world?

Are you feeling called to realize your highest expression of love?

Are you ready to release the fears, judgements and expectations put on you by society?

Are you ready to join the movement?

If you’re feeling the call, it’s time..

The Härt Collective offers an Inner Circle Membership which includes:

Opportunities to connect with others through our online discussion forums, drop-in calls and in person gatherings.

  • Yoga & Movement Flow
  • Workshops
  • Guided Meditations
  • Book Club
  • Master Classes
  • Discounts on future courses
  • Supporting a collective movement back to the Härt!

And most importantly, being a part of the change! 


But after sharing all of that, in my opinion, the most valuable part is this app we’ve used to create a safe space for you to feel heard, seen and supported, to feel inspired. To know that you aren’t alone, there are many like you, who have a similar vision. To create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.  

Rather than allowing the energy of social media to consume you, come join an expanding community of people who genuinely want to see you excel in all the ways possible!

This is how we create a more beautiful world! We create it.. from within!

I’ll see you on the inside!


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