The Event That Changed My Life

By Ben Harris - The Fear Alchemist 

As much as an online community is necessary for connecting the world (especially during the pandemic), there’s nothing like human-to-human connection.

The internet has done a great job at digitally connecting us but at the same time, it’s physically disconnected us from each other (and ourselves). The online world has many benefits but I find that it still leaves us wanting more.

There’s a lot of information to be found online, but there’s nothing like the loving bonds you form with the beautiful people you meet at live events. The energy is palpable! Everyone brought together for one unified purpose is a special feeling to be a part of.

That’s why I’m proud to announce the first event of its kind “Live Beyond Fear” workshop hosted by San Angelo Yoga in San Angelo, Texas. If you (or anyone you know) are in the area, we would love to have you there on April 30th.


Discover which fears are currently blocking you from thriving in life and how to break free. In this half day workshop, you will be introduced to a transformative fear process that guides you to unlock the freedom you’ve been longing for.


Brea (the owner of San Angelo Yoga) and I actually met at an event like the ones that I am describing. Everyone felt called to come for their own reasons but there was an underlying message that we were all there to receive. If neither of us would have attended the event, this workshop would have never happened. There are so many divine synchronicities and coincidences that happen when people gather. It’s magic!

I’ve met some of my closest friends and connections through in-person experiences. Lifelong relationships have been formed thanks to some of the events I’ve attended.


I first met Adrian Ellison at a personal development conference in 2018. We hosted our first retreat together in March 2020 (4 days before the world shut down due to the pandemic). She is in my closet circle of friends to this day. Without her, none of the following connections would have been possible.


Belle and I first met at one of my retreats (that I hosted with Adrian). We were friends long before we were lovers but if she wouldn’t have said yes to that event, who knows if we would have created the life we have together.


Joe (founder of The Hart Collective)  and I actually met at the same retreat that Adrian and I hosted back in 2020. Adrian had a birthday dinner the night before the retreat started and Joe was there. I totally forgot about that until he mentioned it to me later 😂 but that was the beginning of our relationship. We sat next to each other at dinner and had no idea we would be in business together 2 years later! How crazy is that?


You can see how pivotal just ONE of these events can be. For me, it has led to a cascade of other relationships and adventures.

Every relationship, journey or adventure has a genesis. You must be willing to take the first step to experience the joy and benefits that come with it.

Whether it’s this event, a future retreat or anything where real people are involved, I encourage you to take the leap. *Especially* if it’s out of your comfort zone. Something good will come from it.

Sparking simple conversations with strangers will sometimes lead to forever relationships.

What if you meet the love of your life? A best friend? A totally aligned business partner?

Say YES and see where it leads you 🚀

Your Fear Alchemist, 

Ben Harris 

PS. To find out WHICH FEAR is currently blocking your path to freedom, you can take our FEAR QUIZ to discover your answer now:


AND Don't forget... You can still get a 20% discount when you use coupon code BEYONDFEAR20 if you register for Fear Alchemy before May 12th.

See you in San Angelo soon! 


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