How Can I Be of the Greatest Service?

Written By Ben Harris

A simple but life-altering question that has completely reshaped how I approach business and life in general.

I didn’t realize it before asking myself this question, but I was operating from a place of strong ego. I was being of “service” because I was trying to fulfill an emptiness within me. I was trying to prove myself out of insecurity. I was trying to help people because I needed them to make me feel successful.

My offerings to the world weren’t coming from a deeply loving, heart-centered place as much as I thought they were. Per usual, the Universe revealed a beautiful lesson for me.

Thanks to a navigation process (to rediscover our deepest why) we took as a team and company during the month of June, this question came up again and again. I would ponder about it often.

I kept asking the question even when I didn’t have an answer or reply. I asked and let myself live in the question, seeing if something would come up because it was a question that stuck with me ever since I heard it.

 Slowly but surely, the answers (in the form of questions) started to flow in…

 What if the greatest way to be of service was to stop monetizing people? What if we built a community, not consumers?

 As a business, it sounds crazy to not try to make money from people. Isn’t that the whole point of a business to make money? What if we redefined what the purpose of a business is?

What if we showed up in true loving service? Not asking or expecting anything in return. Not just saying that on our website to look like we care, but sincerely believing it.

The next question we asked was scary but lit us up like a Christmas tree.

What if we offered all of our services for free and let people choose what to pay?

 Whewww, now that’s crazy! But for some reason… It felt right.

We sat on it for a few days but eventually came to the same conclusion, which was that the Fear Alchemy course would be changed to a “pay what you can” model. 

We had to ask ourselves some really hard hitting questions in this navigation process, questions that dug into the core of our truth. What are we doing this for? To make money or to actually help people?

This is the part that really, really hit me. Like damn, I had this lightbulb realization that as much as I was trying to help people, I was coming from a place of lack.

 **As a side note, it’s important to say that I got to experience the birth of my first child during this same time period. There were so many people that inspired me through their own loving service. I got to experience what it was like to be a recipient of unconditional service. It was a big “aha” for me because I was watching people do exactly what I had been wanting to do.

Now I had absolute knowing in my entire system! The best way I can help people is to show up and serve with no expectations. 

All the money-making talk in the self-development world had twisted my perspective on what it meant to be a heart-led leader.

This was a BIG moment for me because this is when I shifted how I viewed my purpose. It dropped me from my head down into my heart.

There were so many ways that I didn’t realize that I was still trying to serve myself, instead of serving others with a full heart.

So obviously, we have some big news! You can now register for Fear Alchemy for as low as $25 or as high as $500. We invite you to be in your own integrity when registering and to choose an amount that feels right for you and your situation.

Being of heart-led service doesn’t mean we can’t make money anymore, but our first priority is to be of service to our community. That will always come first.

The Hart Collective has shaped me in ways that I didn’t even know I needed to be transformed into. I’m deeply grateful for the journey that humbled us again and again that brought us to this decision.

To be really vulnerable, the course hasn’t been as financially “successful” as we hoped it would be. As a co-creator and believer in this course, it was a bit disheartening to see that people weren’t buying it like I believed they would. 

But I know this deep into the fiber of being… It was supposed to happen like this. We are supposed to be opening up the doors of freedom to ANYONE who wants it, not just those who can afford it.

Sure, the sales page can and will be refined. There are other strategic things we can improve on too to make the course sell more. The real magic, however, is allowing anyone from anywhere to free themselves from their fear. That’s what matters. Not how much we sell.

Are we making this available to the people that need it? Well, now we are.

Outside of Fear Alchemy, I’ve been asking myself the same question and it’s led to some exciting opportunities. I’ve been listening to my heart more often and it will tell me when and what to do. It can feel scary and unexpected at times but I know that it’s leading me right where I’m supposed to be, for the greatest good of All.

Thank you Universe for your guidance in the most unexpected way.

 With a full heart,

Ben Harris


What a life changing journey Fear Alchemy will offer so many — so proud of you Ben for walking through your own fears to bring this creation into the world, we will all benefit greatly!

~Dr. Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist, Best-Selling Author of 'How to Do the Work'


Fear Alchemy changed me as a person. It made me see things that were living wayyyy underneath the surface. Once I found the roots of some of my fears… EVERYTHING clicked into place. I felt in alignment and empowered. Like, “Oh this is why I do this or that and now I don’t have to subscribe to that behavior anymore. I can be different.”

It blew my mind. I honestly felt free and not trapped in a pattern or cycle. I had been holding myself back but blaming all of these external circumstances on why I couldn’t do or have the things I deeply wanted. Or maybe I was just telling myself it’s impossible. Ahhhhhhhhh I feel so much better. Can’t thank you enough. Every human needs this course!

Michelle T


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