Your Invitation To Stillness & Surrender

Written by Joe Hawley

For those of you that've been following my journey, you know that I've been deep on the healing path since my pro football career ended in 2017. During the transition out of the NFL, I was forced to look deep within myself to find new purpose and clarity of who I am in a life that had been defined by my athletic career. During that process I attended many different types of healing experiences like plant medicine retreats, yoga festivals, men's group work, large summits, breathwork workshops and much more. I'm grateful for every single one of these experiences because they provided what I needed at the moment: community and a safe space to explore the mystery of Self. 

Out of all the many growth experiences I've attended, one stands out among them. The white water rafting trip I took in 2020. My partner, Sarah, and I were invited by a couple of her friends. I'd never been on this type of adventure before: 4 days and 3 nights on a river traveling over 44 miles by raft, camping on the banks of the river under the starry night sky. Of course it was outside my comfort zone, (anything we haven't experienced is by definition an unknown and therefore causes some discomfort) but this is the feeling I live for! Adventuring into the unknown, some would argue, is the entire point of this existence. It's hard to put into words the feelings that were presented to me on that initial rafting trip. Even now, it's hard to remember the profundity of what my soul felt out on the river. While on that first rafting expedition, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet the owners of the company, ADRIFT. We hit it off, and I told them about a vision I had to bring my community out on this river to experience what I was so blessed to experience. I wanted to share this profound medicine with other individuals who can bring its magic out into the world through their visions, projects, business and communities, sending ripples of presence back into a world so mired down by busyness and distraction. They loved the idea and so our collaboration partnership began. 

 We hosted our first experience together last year which was a huge success (watch this video if you'd like to feel the energy) and I'm excited to announce that we're all set for our second annual river rafting retreat this fall, September 2nd - 7th, 2022.

If you've been feeling called to ADVENTURE and desire to reconnect with the deeper remembering of your soul, then join this group of other incredible heart-led leaders looking to grow, connect and just BE present through an experience that I promise will have a profound impact on your life. I want to personally invite you to this year's retreat. There are only 20 spots available!

Stillness & Surrender: A River Rafting Retreat for Heart-led Leaders

Dates: September 2nd - 7th

Where: Fly into Vernal, Utah

- Everything is included (except air travel)

- No wilderness experience necessary

- All camping gear is provided

- Private Chef out on the River (the food is incredible)

- Shared discussions around fear, letting go, leadership & building a more beautiful world

- Sound healing and music

- Felt sense of community and belonging

*You will not be paddling, we will be using big expedition rafts, you just have to show up and enjoy the ride.

*Did I mention that I've never seen so many stars!  

Learn More about the retreat here: 

Watch the  "Stillness and Surrender" guided meditation to activate a felt sense of stillness as experienced on the river.


Just a heads up about a new series of conversations we will be offering:

The Stillness Surrender Series:

Heart-led Leadership Conversations

5 weeks. 5 conversations.

Join the FREE live event on Zoom, we'll be sharing some of the discussions and energy we'll be cultivating out on the river together. Stay connected on the Telegram group to join the conversation and get the links and details for the live calls.


With love and gratitude,

Joe Hawley

Founder, The Härt Collective  


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