Quitting My Job and Leaping Into the Unknown

Written by Ben Harris 


When I quit my 9-5 corporate job back in 2019 to pursue my passion, I didn’t have a master plan. I also didn’t have any business revenue.

All I had was a FEELING.

A feeling to leave a career that I had invested almost a decade of my energy, time and life into. 7 months before I quit, I was recruited and had just accepted a new job as a director at a highly successful finance company. My decision was in no way a logical one. Why would I leave a stable 6-figure job with stock options, benefits and bonuses?

I was leaving a job that I moved across the country and completely uprooted my life for. I was giving up lucrative stock options. I had to pay them back some sign-on bonus money because I ended the contract term early.

Oh, and did I already mention I had ZERO business revenue?

My decision wasn’t the “smart” thing to do. Before I made my final decision, I sought the advice of people I trusted. Family, friends and successful entrepreneurs. Mostly everyone told me a version of the same story… Wait until I had more money saved up or wait until my business had more financial momentum.

I honestly agree with the people that advised me to play it safe because I understand where they are coming from. They were afraid for me. They didn’t want to see me fail, be disappointed or experience pain. Their advice wasn’t wrong and it made logical sense based on the circumstances.

I might have listened to them if I knew what was going to happen next.

The business that I quit my job for didn’t work out the way I had hoped. I sacrificed everything and decided to go all in on my dream, then my business failed. I tried my hardest but the whole idea didn’t catch on.

Fun story, right? 

Spoiler alert: the movie has a good ending.

Shortly after I quit my job, I hit the road on a podcast tour with a goal of interviewing a bunch of fascinating people. While I was traveling through southern California, there was a personal development event in San Diego that I decided to go to.

During the conference I signed up for their premium mastermind group, which meant I would be meeting and training with some of the most influential and successful people in the following year. Since I registered for this high-ticket program, I attended a celebratory dinner on the last night of the event with everyone in the mastermind.

My business wasn’t working like I wanted it to and I was open to all of the ideas. During dinner I was telling one of the people I met, Brad, how I dreamed of hosting a retreat on a beach somewhere. Long story short, he challenged me to do just that.

This part of the story is important because five months after this dinner is when I hosted my first retreat. At this retreat is where I led my first in-person workshop specifically about fear.

What’s even crazier is that I wasn’t supposed to teach anything at the retreat. Since it was my first time hosting a retreat and I hadn’t done anything like it before, I brought in a bunch of experts that could help support me and the people attending.

To my surprise, three of those teachers didn’t show up and had to cancel. This meant that I had to step up and lead a workshop.

This was one of those moments where I could have blamed the world and asked why it was happening to me. Somehow, deep within me, I knew this was happening for me. I took advantage of the opportunity to lead a discussion around fear and freedom. It turned out that I had a knack for the subject matter 😉.

Once I realized how much I loved this topic and how good I was at it, this was the spark that ignited The Fear Guy concept. About three weeks after the retreat, I rebranded and shifted my entire business and focus. I was going to coach people through their fear.

The first business idea failed because it wasn’t supposed to be financially successful. Its job was to inspire me to quit my job so I could discover my true purpose along the way.

The teachers that I was planning on being at my retreat didn’t show up because they weren’t supposed to. Their role was to make me feel confident in organizing an entire retreat around their expertise, then not showing up influenced me to step into my power.

Do you see how divinely orchestrated this all is?

I could have easily fixated on the failures and given myself reasons why I’m not good enough to be an entrepreneur or leader in this way. But for some reason I knew that something bigger was happening.

This goes back to the feeling that I mentioned at the beginning. My internal guidance system was telling me to flow with the river of life and which way it was taking me. I’m sure glad I did because I wouldn’t be here writing to you if I didn’t go with the flow.

It’s common for us humans to fixate on this ONE thing that needs to be successful. If it’s not, you will consider yourself an all-out failure.

The next step isn’t always the final step. I dare to say it’s never the final step. It’s just as it is, the next step in your journey. Which will lead to another step and another one after that.

I’m not telling you to live an anti-logic life. What I’m suggesting, through my own life experience, is to follow that feeling (that only you know about). There’s a solid chance that it will sound a little (or a lot) crazy because the world has taught you to disregard that inner knowing. 

Society tells you that logic is the only thing that matters so when that voice is whispering something that isn’t considered the smart thing to do, you’ll probably be thinking, “Am I crazy?!”

Yes, my friend, you are crazy. But for a moment, let’s consider what’s deemed as the “normal” standard of today.

You stay in a job you don’t love, simply because it’s the sensible thing to do. You forego happiness and fulfillment in the present moment, just so you can have it at retirement. You suffer through years of stress and anxiety for a cause that you don’t care about. And maybe you deal with chronic illness that the same high-stress environment created.

How’s that for normal?

So yes, living a life full of joy, love, ease and prosperity will be crazy to those who live a “normal” life of sickness and suffering.

What is your feeling saying to you right now? 

What if this feeling, aka your intuition, is guiding you? Not necessarily to your final destination but to your next step that will ultimately lead you there?

This feeling might only make sense to you and you alone. Trust that it’s there for a purpose, acting as a guiding light in your highest good.

Take the leap and let life surprise you. There are limitless possibilities all working in your favor.


With a heart of courage,

Ben Harris

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