Do You Remember


By Joe Hawley

Do you remember, not too long ago, when the world stood still? 

It felt as if the entire globe stopped rotating, and everything came to a halt. 

No-one knew how long it would last or what was really going on. There was a lot of fear, some even thought it could be the end of the world. We were asked to stay home and quarantine. 

When I think back to those few weeks in March & April of 2020, I’m reminded of a stillness that I’ve struggled to connect with since. 

Sarah and I had just met. We literally went on our first date the day everything started shutting down. She stayed the night, and we decided to quarantine together. I just moved into my new house in Austin. My first place since deciding to live in a van the previous two years. There wasn’t even any real furniture in the house. Sarah and I had a magical time together. The energy of a new love radiated from both of us as we spent our time slowing down, and just being with each other. 

I wasn’t sure if the world would ever be the same. And I’m even more sure of that now. Everything has changed, and will continue to change over the coming months, years and decades. What will the world look like? I’m not quite sure. In an existence of infinite potentialities, I guess anything is possible. I’m an eternal optimist. I believe we’re going through some type of spiritual evolution of consciousness. There is an energy present now that is palpable if we can learn to slow down and be with it. But that’s the struggle now. When the pandemic first started, it felt as if a portal was opened. I went outside and heard, well, nature, stillness, birds chirping, the wind blowing in the trees. Now, I hear the busyness of life all around me, the traffic from the highways surrounding Austin, the planes taking off overhead, the constant hum of life swirling all around. But more than the sounds of my external reality, I’ve noticed a business begin to pick back up in my internal landscape as well. The feelings of busyness, hurrying, stressing, not thinking there's enough time, overwhelm and disconnection. My mind has gotten increasingly busier as the world picked up its pace and opened back up. 



I’m extremely grateful for that time spent in isolation with the woman I love, what a gift it was. And now, I’m questioning how I can create more of that feeling in the here and now. How do I recapture the felt sense of presence, joy and fulfillment in the simplest of things. How do I clear my schedule to create more space for myself, my family, my relationship with the divine? What am I building with my life, how am I showing up for my purpose? These are questions I’m bringing into my life at the moment.

I’m ready to create more presence, even through the busyness of the world. I’m not sure if we’ll ever experience such a moment of stillness as when the world shut down briefly but we can bring that stillness into our daily routines and remember that we have the ability to drop into presence through the intention of creating more of it, internally.

That’s why I’ve created a 21 day “Journey to Presence” online retreat. So we can remember to find that stillness together. 



We will be discussing and cultivating:

  • Intention  
  • Gratitude
  • Sacred Space 
  • Morning Routines
  • Movement / Yoga routines
  • Journal Prompts 
  • Daily reminders, tools and techniques 
  • Connection to community 

Benefits from this online retreat include:

  • Break patterns of anxiety, stress and looping thought patterns in the mind.
  • Establish or re-establish your daily practice.
  • Recharge, reconnect and release.
  • Relax your body. Restore your breath.
  • Drop into your heart. Access more peace.
  • Tap into your true essence. Enhance your intuition.
  • Hear your soul whispers more clearly. Bring your mind into focus.  

Allow the “suchness” of this moment. That’s enough. ~ Eckhart Tolle

Join me, June 1st for 21 days to bring more stillness and presence into your life. 


With love and gratitude, 

Joseph Hawley 

Check out our website for more details and to secure your spot!


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